Working for Us

Here at Kent and Sussex Holiday Cottages our staff are our most valuable asset — they are real people, not just telephone operators in a faceless call centre. They all work incredibly hard to find the right accommodation to suit customer needs. It’s important to us to provide a quality service and we are always keen to recruit staff that fit in with our stated values and ethos. A happy team is a productive team!

For information on how we process your personal data when applying for a job with us please see our Privacy Policy.

Fifteen Good Reasons to Work for Kent and Sussex Holiday Cottages

  1. We're locally based, with local staff, selling a local product.
  2. We are a family owned business.
  3. We are an Investor in People.
  4. Equal opportunities and non-discriminatory policies exist throughout the company.
  5. We pay a reasonable rate in exchange for a reasonable days work.
  6. You will get 22 days annual leave with additional long service days. (Pro rata for part time)
  7. We have offices in Cranbrook and in Sandwich.
  8. We have a company contribution Group Pension Scheme.
  9. We have great back-up Marketing, IT and Finance teams.
  10. Our recently upgraded Sick Pay Scheme is even more fair and equitable.
  11. You're not just a number - we have a small team and everyone's voice can be heard.
  12. We try to fit people's skills to their tasks and will develop talent.
  13. Development and training requirements of staff is reviewed regularly.
  14. We have a very good staff retention rate so are doing lots of things right!
  15. Our industry is doing something 'nice' for customers by helping them choose their holiday - the majority of our customers would recommend us.