Cranbrook Music Festival

Published: Monday 3rd Oct 2011

Written by: Julia Latham

The town really came alive this weekend when scores of bands and singers took over the streets and pubs to perform free for delighted visitors and residents.

I only caught a few acts as I ambled down to town on Sunday afternoon to see what was going on. Joined a friend outside the George from where we could listen to a fun band playing favorite tunes from the musicals while enjoying a cold drink in the stifling heat. We could have been in the tropics. Then a tiny slip of a girl called Rosie Horne started belting out in The George, she had an amazing voice. Apparently both The George and The White Horse ran out of beer on Saturday night such was the demand from the crowds of music lovers. We were advised by one of the organizers to move over to The White Horse to catch Funktabulous, a session band that has played with Tom Jones, Queen and other world famous performers.

They lived up to their name and provided another irresistible excuse for a cold drink sitting at an outside table watching the world go by and enjoying the wonderful warmth of the late afternoon sun. It was clearly a great success and I wish I had seen more of it. There were jazz bands and ukulele players that played outside while the 3 town pubs hosted lively indoor events.

Certainly they were lucky to have this glorious heatwave. Incidentally, Kent registered the highest ever recorded temperature (29.9) for October on Saturday.

Julia Latham
Julia Latham


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