How to improve your Tesco experience

Published: Wednesday 10th Aug 2011

Written by: Carol Attwell

Liz took advantage of her weekly trip to the Tesco Supermarket in Tenterden to visit Smallhythe Place which is just a mile down the road.

Ellen Terry spied the stunning medieval house on a visit to the area in the late 1890s and vowed to live there some day. Her dream came true in 1899 and she lived there till her death in 1928. It now houses a museum that recalls her great beauty and theatrical talent. A barn in the garden has been converted into a theatre that stages some wonderful productions and there are also annual al fresco performances of Shakespeare plays in the garden. Donald Sinden lives nearby and is a great supporter of and sometime performer in the theatre.

The Donald Sinden Theatre is situated in Tenterden at the Homewood School where you can catch all sorts of superb entertainments as well as a film club. A break in one of our would be ideal for indulging in a slice of culture.

Carol Attwell
Carol Attwell


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