Not Dead Yet

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012

Not planning to jump off Beachy Head just yet, this is the title of Peter James's latest Roy Grace thriller. The fictional detective is based in Brighton and every year since 2005, Peter has published another gripping volume in the series, and I am lucky enough to be invited to the launch. The books are extremely well researched and Peter James has the support of the Sussex Police who have allowed him exceptional access to their activities so you can be sure that all the procedures he describes are completely accurate.

Each new book is eagerly anticipated by millions of fans, I am particularly intrigued to find out what happened to Roy's missing wife. Since the first appearance of Roy Grace in Dead Simple in 2005 we have followed his personal life with growing fascination. Some of the murders he has had to solve or prevent have been stomach churningly grisly. Certainly if you enjoy detective fiction, this is a series to tap into! No doubt I'll be glued to Not Dead Yet next week and then impatiently waiting for June 2013 for the next unputdownable installment.