Rye Bay Scallop Festival

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012

The Rye Bay Scallop Festival is an annual event held this year from 25th February - 4th March. Did you know that there are over 300 varieties of scallop in the world? With that kind of information, why wouldn't you want to go to Rye and sample them for yourself! Scallops are members of the oyster family and the term 'scallop' was derived from the French word escalope which means shell - not to be confused with a chicken escalope which is something entirely different! You can also tell the age of a scallop from the rings on its shell. One eaterie recommended by our customers - that does serve scallops is The Ship Inn at the bottom of Mermaid Street.

It was built in 1592 originally as a warehouse but is now a country pub with old beams and wooden flooring. Dogs are welcome and the food is said to be superb. Freedom Holiday Homes still have 4 properties available for the week: Hucksteps Row, Hucksteps Row, Providence Cottage. Harbour Cottage, Landgate Square Cottage. So, if you wanted an excuse for an impromptu getaway - now you've got one! If you get the opportunity to try scallops with chocolate sauce, please do so for me!