Published: Tuesday 6th Sep 2011

I have been invited to an ever so smart wedding in a couple of weeks time and am beginning to panic about What To Wear!! Needless to say I haven't a single thing in my wardrobe that is suitable. Most shops seem to have their Autumn stock in now but have you noticed how dark it is? all greys and blacks and drabs, not at all suitable for a wedding. We have some great shops in Cranbrook - I bought a lovely slinky dress reduced from 175 to 10 pounds! who could resist that? of course it won't do for the wedding but look at all the money I've saved! Had a hopeless time in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday as it was boiling hot and I could only bring myself to try on the linen - and of course there were still some great Summer bargains - so I am pretty much OK for a Winter Sunshine break but still nothing for the wedding.

Now the weather has deteriorated so I guess the woollen gear will look more appealing. Maybe I'll have a day at Bluewater, there are hundreds of shops there including a John Lewis and a Marks and Spencer, so let's hope I will find the perfect outfit (whatever that may be). Wish me luck!