We Plough the Fields and Scatter...

Published: Monday 7th Oct 2013

Written by: Julia Latham

The Sussex Ploughing Championships were held at a farm near Hartfield on Sunday. Liz, Wendy and I went to fly the flag for Freedom Holiday Homes and set out our stall in the barn. The weather defied all expectations and was one of those fabulous autumn days with deep blue skies and bright warm sunshine. The countryside round there is superb and we were able to watch experts at work ploughing straight furrows with a broad range of equipment from lovely old Dobbins to great gleaming brutes of steel. There was also a seed competition which was quite mystifying but apparently one bag of seed is better than another identical bag of seed! Good thing we weren't asked to judge. As usual we look forward to hearing from farmers with redundant farm buildings that will make perfect holiday lets. We were pleased to see a much loved Pooh bear visiting having clearly scurried over from nearby Hundred Acre Wood.

Julia Latham
Julia Latham


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