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Dinosaur v Ferrari

Written by Carol Attwell on

Mmmm. Which would you prefer? Auctioneers in Sussex are hopeful that someone will have the space (56 feet long) and the spare cash (estimated £600,000) to bid for this reconstructed Diplodocus. The auctioneer was cheered by the recent sale of a Ferrari for £17 million - clearly there are some rich people out there - but I know what I would rather park up in my spare barn. This particular specimen was found in Wyoming by the sons of a renowned German palaeontologist, it was reassembled in Holland and is now being sold in England. Sussex has many historic associations with dinosaurs. Dr Gideon Mantell of Lewes was one of the first men in England to identify the bones of an iguanadon found in Cuckfield. There are iguanadon footprints on the beach at Fairlight and Pett Level and the Booth Museum of Natural History at Brighton has a fascinating collection of fossils, corals, shells and dinosaur bones. 

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