Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society

Published: Monday 25th Nov 2013

Written by: Carol Attwell

The “Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society’ formed in 2012 very much wants to continue the tradition of the original Bonfire society and for it to be part of and to support the local community. The HGBS have ambitions to get the whole community, all ages, involved and on Saturday 23 November hosted their second bonfire procession on Highgate Hill up to The Moor.  

There was a fantastic torchlight procession with many of the local towns and villages represented all in fancy dress, from smugglers to skeletons to court jesters.  As the procession reached the brow of the hill all that could be seen and heard was the solefully boom of the drum, the flickering flames from the torches and the intermitent crackling of firecrackers, all coming together to create a wonderful atmosphere.

The procession, after gathering at The Moor made off down Highgate Hill and into Circus Field where there was a welcoming bonfire.  There was hog roast and burgers with mulled wine and cider to enjoy while watching a colourful firework extravaganza. 

Carol Attwell
Carol Attwell


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