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St Valentine’s Day – It's Never too Late!

Written by Carol Attwell on

Have you heard about the St Valentine’s Day Massacre? It is the name given to the 1929 murder of seven of the mob associates who obviously failed to buy their wives roses, chocolates and champagne! Well, it could be!!

It’s not too late to buy your partner the perfect card and a hand delivered card means so much more! You can even decorate the envelope with messages. These are some that have been found on the outside of letters passing between loved ones in the last century SWALK, BOLTOP and the more saucy ones BURMA and NORWICH!! You don’t know what they mean – well, it’s not for me to say!

Grab a bunch of over-priced flowers – teach you to be more organised! Pop into your local wine merchant and buy a delicious bottle of whatever your heart’s desire is and you may just avoid the bullet! And on that cheery note, I’ve only one thing left to say - HOLLAND!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Carol Attwell

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