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Puss in Boots

Written by Carol Attwell on

I just heard on the news that Jock VI has arrived at Chartwell. Winston Churchill was given a cat in 1962 on his 88th birthday and he requested in his will that there always be a cat at Chartwell. He specified it must have 4 white paws and a white bib. Jock the First attended Cabinet Meetings and dinner was never served till he had taken his place at table. Jock VI is a rescue cat with a tragic past who now lounges on Persian carpets and is destined for a life of great comfort in the magnificent house and grounds near Westerham.

We held our homeowner lunch at Chartwell a few years ago and we all found it a fascinating house to visit. Filled with historic artefacts associated with Churchill's amazing life and yet still retaining the informal atmosphere of a much loved family home, Chartwell is one of the National Trust's most popular attractions.

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