The First Cuckoo of Spring

Published: Thursday 24th Apr 2014

Written by: Carol Attwell

I heard my first cuckoo last week! It was so clear it must have been in the tree above though I couldn't see it. We were at Buxted Park which is a very handsome pile in Sussex, once the home of the Earl of Liverpool and now a very luxurious hotel that specializes in weddings.  Lord Liverpool found the village clustered round the Church adjacent to his lavish home to be intrusive so he literally moved the village a mile or 2 away - as one does, or rather did - so the lovely old church is now quite isolated in the grounds of the magnificent mansion.

So, thanks to a selfish 19th century Earl, Buxted Park is the perfect place for a 21st Century romantic and private wedding. We had a fabulous walk through the extensive park which has many ancient trees and a lake, our dogs enjoyed a good scamper and I was enchanted to hear a cuckoo. We then went to a superb pub called The Hurstwood Inn and had a delicious platter of smoked meat and grilled prawns in a lovely sunny garden all washed down with the local Harvey's best brew. 

Carol Attwell
Carol Attwell


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