Versatility of fresh cherries

Published: Wednesday 11th Jun 2014

Written by: Carol Attwell

The cherry season is upon us and in early June we already have an abundant amount.  The rain in Kent has already produced many rich ripe cherries in early June.  This fruit is so versatile, and here are just a few ideas.  To start with, why not go and pick your own?  We have many orchards around Kent that offer this fun day out for all the family. 

Cherries are simply delicious to eat on their own.  If you want to be more creative, cherries make some lovely deserts.  You can choose things like the traditional Cherry Sponge, Trifle or even Pavlova all of which are firm family favourites.  With those left over cherries, you could make some compote which is perfect with ice cream or rice pudding or a lemon tart.

If you have a savoury tooth, there is also something for you; cherries are a perfect a compliment with blue cheese.


Carol Attwell
Carol Attwell


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