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Published: Monday 20th Apr 2015

Written by: Julia Latham

If you want an interesting day out in the country then why not visit Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst in Kent. There are 3 marked walks that you can take around the parkland and surrounding countryside. The first takes you through woodland ( soon to be filled with bluebells) towards Kilndown, where you can divert into the Globe and Rainbow pub for lunch or just a drink. You can then continue onto the Hop pickers walk, which takes you past some disused hop-picker’s huts where the Londoners would stay during hop picking season - some even have the remnants of wallpaper on the walls! There is also the communal cooking area, with wood ready to make the fire. Further on when walking through the hop gardens, you can see the tar pit, which is still used now for dipping the ends of the hop poles into tar to prevent them from rotting in the ground. These poles are used to support a network of cables which are used to run twine from the hooks next to the hops up to this for the hops to climb up.

The third walk takes you past the old clay pits, where clay was taken from many years ago. All 3 walks can be done one after the other so you can chose how long you want to walk for.

You then still have the house and its rooms to explore as well as the ruined castle and beautiful gardens .There are plenty of lovely spots to eat a picnic in the grounds or a coffee shop for lunch, drinks or snacks.

Julia Latham
Julia Latham


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