Places of Historic Interest In Sussex

Published: Monday 18th Jul 2016

Sussex is a truly magnificent location with its stunning views, rich history and unique aesthetic- with such a consistently high standard of destinations, any visitor would be spoilt for choice, so why not take your pick from this specially selected list of things to experience in Sussex.

  • The Towering Walls of Bodiam Castle- located in East Sussex, Bodiam Castle is a 14th century moated castle, constructed by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge in 1385 to defend the area against imminent French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War. Today, Bodiam Castle remains a prominent feature in the East Sussex landscape with its crude twin-towered gatehouse, protruding drawbridge and  characterful interior features. These unique attributes help make it an everlasting memory to any visitor. 
  • Rye, East Sussex- the winding, cobbled streets of the seaside town of Rye have been smothered in history; from enemy invasions to shipwrecks or even smugglings, you name it, it’s happened! As you can expect, a visit to a location such as this will be well worth your time.
  • The Long Man- currently marked out by yellow bricks, this outline of a man in the grass is a truly mysterious snippet of Sussex’s history indeed. Referred to locally as the “Guardian of the South Downs”, the Long Man of Wilmington is situated 6 miles northwest of Eastbourne and can be reached by public footpaths. The mysteries and conspiracies behind the Long man will leave you baffled- some say he is prehistoric, whereas others support the idea that he is the work of an artist monk; you are free to take your pick.
  • Bluebell Railway- ever since it ran its first train on the 7th of August 1960, Bluebell Railway’s history has been slowly growing more and more prominent and today, the railway still sees substantial tourist attraction. Bluebell Railway uses steam trains operating between Sheffield Park and east Grinstead and proudly bears the title of being the first preserved standard gaugesteam-operated passenger railway in the world to operate a public service. For any visitor, the billowing steam of the trains and rhythmic grinding of the steel on steel is truly spectacular and well worth the trip. Follow this link for more information on Bluebell Railway.
  • Bayham Abbey- situated in a scenic wooded valley on the East Sussex Border, Bayham Abbey remains an impressive feat of architecture even to this day. Despite it laying in ruin, Bayham Abbey is massively popular among artists and photographers seeking inspiration as the surviving remains of the church, abbey buildings and gatehouse convey the unique, rich history the building helped to shape. Why not bring a picnic, or even your family for an interesting exploration into this hidden charm.