Monday night viewing

Published: Monday 25th Sep 2017

Written by: Brenda Hogben

Are you glued to the television at 9pm on a Monday night to watch the gripping thriller series called Liar. Do you think  Laura is telling the truth or do you believe Andrew?

Do you recognise the town in which a lot of the filming took place? Have you ever visited the quaint seaside town of Deal, on the East Kent coast?

Some of the filming took place here and I'm very excited to watch to see my hometown on TV. Despite several changes being carried out, it is very interesting how the producers and directors have portrayed the town.

There were also more film crews in Deal last week filming for a very different era. Scenes for Vanity Fair were filmed along the seafront. Unfortunately I wasn't in town that day but there were several posts on social media about it. 

Deal is quite often mentioned either in magazines, newspaper articles as being one of the top spots to live or holilday. It is very fortunate that anyone who comes to Deal has purposely visited rather than stumble across the town as it is not a place that you drive through  enroute to somewhere else. Just 21 miles from France with amazing views of the French coastline on a clear day, Deal is well worth a visit.

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Brenda Hogben
Brenda Hogben


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