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Published: Wednesday 12th Dec 2018

Written by: Brenda Hogben

I recently spent an enjoyable day at Doddington Place as a spectator on my husband's falconry day birthday treat. I was a little dubious about spending the day as a spectator as I thought there would be a lot of standing around.

How wrong was I. If you ever get the chance to go along, either participating in the full day experience or as a spectator, it is well worth it.

We started off the day, with coffee and the health and safety formalities, then our falconer, Aaron, said that Gracie, the barn owl would be taken for a walk around the gardens. How do you take a bird for a walk, we asked ourselves. But that is exactly what happened.

My husband and the other falconers for the day were kitted out with gloves and then we all took a walk through the gardens while Gracie flew from one arm to another, enticed sometimes by a delicious edible treat.

This was followed by walks with other birds in different parts of the grounds. I do know what species they were but don't want to spoil it in case you fancy this.

Doddington is tucked away in the heart of beautiful countryside close to Canterbury. You can visit the gardens during the summer months only, you don't need to have a falconry experience. Take a break in one of our gorgeous cottages too click here to view.


Brenda Hogben
Brenda Hogben


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