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New year, new you

Written by Brenda Hogben on

New year, new you is something that we hear quite often at the start of another year.

So, I gave it some thought and decided to give it a try. A bright and sunny morning yesterday so I togged myself up, started the couch to 5k app with Sarah Milligan as my trainer and headed off towards the seafront.

I was doing quite well and so I stopped briefly to take a few photographs of the beautiful morning views of the seafront and carried on, encouraged by Sarah.  I didn't get much further along the promenade when I realised the encouragement had stopped. 

Feeling a bit miffed and out of breath, I looked at my phone only to realise that the battery was flat.

However, not wanting to give up I continued with my own revised exercise programme and returned home. 

After putting my phone on charge, I then had to start day 2 of the exercise programme again and listen to Sarah's encouragement and instructions whilst sitting down having a well deserved cup of coffee whilst making a mental note to self, make sure phone is fully charged next time. Only another eight and a half weeks to go.

Anyway, looking back on the photographs, it reminds me what a lovely place Deal is to live.


Brenda Hogben

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