How to Showcase the Personality of your Holiday Home

Published: Friday 1st Nov 2019

Local company BoConcept have written this piece on 'How to Showcase the Personality of your Holiday Home' ... read on for some great tips!

At BoConcept Canterbury, we understand the challenges of making your holiday rental stand out from the crowd. Whether it means adding a few key accessories or changing up the colour of your walls, infusing your space with personality is quicker and easier than you may think. So, whether you want to create a cosy, relaxing space or a social haven for your holiday guests, these quick fixes will get you one step closer to your goals. 

Tell A Story 
If you want your space to feel unique then consider displaying a great piece that tells a story. Photographs are a classic choice but think outside the box. Maybe you have a collection of maps from your travels that would look great framed. Or that old pocket watch sitting in a drawer? It would look amazing displayed in a shadow box. Not only is this a great use of pieces you already have, but they will add authenticity and unexpected flair to your decor.  

Be Sense-ible 
When analysing any space, think of how it appeals to all your senses. Specifically, what do you see, hear, smell, feel, and how can you enhance this experience?  The best way to add life and energy into a room is to literally, add life. House plants with their lush leaves and colourful blooms are a simple solution that will instantaneously shift the vibe in any space and make it feel much more inviting to your guests. Plus, with many varieties featuring air filtering capabilities, your decor won’t be the only one reaping the benefits! 

Rethink Your Accessories
Spend some time reflecting on how each area of your holiday home makes you feel. Think about which types of accessories might enhance the mood you want to encourage. Throws, cushions or plush blankets bring cosiness to sofas, beds and armchairs. Patterned floor rugs, designer decor and abstract artworks offer dynamic visuals for energy and inspiration. 

Think of what you want from your accessories, not just visually but practically. If you want to expand the feel of a room, a large mirror is always a good choice. Accessories should be one of your greatest allies at creating an inviting ambience.  Other decorating tips include vases, clocks, candle holders and photo frames, strategically placed for impact. One of the best aspects of designer accessories is the ability to switch them around whenever the mood for change strikes. Doing so reinvigorates all spaces, so you can keep your holiday home looking fresh.

Make the right choices
So, how do you choose what to add, change, subtract? Ask yourself this: What do you want to get from your space and how do you want it to make you and others feel? Experiment with furniture placement, colour schemes, accessory displays and wall features. Switch things around until they fall into place and feel just right for you.  You might want to consider adding a statement piece of furniture – a great way of doing this is by exploring our ex display range at BoConcept Canterbury which is an inexpensive way to add items to an already furnished home.

Using these quick fixes as a guide, you can create the oasis of inspired living that will attract guests to your holiday home. 

If you need more inspiration our experienced team at BoConcept Canterbury can help you make the most of your space and budget with our high quality, customisable and functional Danish Design furniture and accessories. We can help you create space that will attract your target guests, increase bookings and raise your rental values.  

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