Gorgeous Cottages in Great Locations


Not Dead Yet

Not planning to jump off Beachy Head just yet, this is the title of Peter James's latest Roy Grace thriller. The fictional detective is based in...Read more


Best Beaches in England

It's Official! Kent has the most Blue Flag Beaches in England! Thanet alone has Nine Blue Flags to boast about. A string of beautiful bays runni...Read more

Things To Try


On Friday I went to Yemen for a spot of Salmon Fishing. The thought of wading up the wadi with Ewan McGregor was really quite appealing. Every t...Read more


Sunniest Spot in Britain?

There is quite a row going on between Eastbourne, and the Isle of Wight with all three claiming to the the sunniest resort in Britain. One of ou...Read more


Jubilee Celebrations

There is suddenly a lot of chat about Jubilee Celebrations in the area, I guess a year on from the Royal Wedding everyone is looking forward to ...Read more


Turner Contemporary

I am sorry to keep returning to Margate, but I just had to share the latest news about the Turner Contemporary which opened exactly one year ago...Read more

Places To Visit

Margate - we just can't keep away

Both Kate and I were drawn to Margate at Easter. Kate was unlucky to visit on a cold and miserably wet day, while I experienced that irritating ...Read more