Frequently Asked Questions - Flexilets

If you’re thinking of booking a flexilet for the first time then you’ll find our FAQ section below a handy point of reference. If we haven’t covered your specific query then please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone our friendly team on 01580 720770.

When are flexilets available?

From November to March, during our quieter winter months.

How are flexilets charged?

All flexilet prices are quoted in blocks of four weeks (28 days), making it easy for you to book an exact number of weeks, rather than months, for maximum flexibility.

When does a holiday booking become a flexilet?

A booking from 1 to 8 weeks is a holiday booking charged at the usual rate. A booking from 9 weeks to 5 months is considered a “flexilet”.

What is the cost of a Lease Agreement?

An arrangement fee of £40 plus VAT is charged to draw up a lease agreement between you and the property owner.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes we will take a security deposit equal to four weeks rent. This will be returned to you at the end of the flexilet, once the property has been checked by the homeowner and we have confirmation that the property is in an appropriate condition.

Can I change the rental period once agreed?

You may not shorten the rental period once agreed and signed and you will be liable for the full rental price should you wish to leave early. If you wish to increase the rental period this can be arranged with the property owner’s permission and subject to availability.

What happens about Council tax?

Council tax is usually included in the four weekly rental price. Please check with the reservation team on individual properties.

What happens about linen?

Bed linen is generally included in our flexilet bookings unless you want to bring your own.

What happens about Utilities; such as electricity, gas, oil or TV license?

This is dependent on individual properties. If utilities are agreed to be treated separately by the owner, please ensure you liaise directly with them on the agreed terms. Any outstanding utility bills may be deducted for the security deposit before being refunded. TV license is included.

What happens if the Landlord wants access to the property during my tenancy?

The property owner may wish to visit the property during the tenancy period for maintenance, repair work etc. They are entitled to do this but should give you 24 hours notice.

What happens if my rent will be paid by a third party such as an Insurance company?

We require the payment for the full rental period upfront from your insurance provider or a third party.

What happens with repairs and maintenance at the end of the flexilet?

The property should be left clean and tidy subject to normal wear and tear. Any breakages or damage will be dealt with directly with the owner or taken from the security deposit. If repairs or maintenance are required the homeowner will organise this and give the tenant 24 hours notice before entering the property.

Can I bring a pet?

Please check individual property descriptions or contact us should you wish to have a pet living with you during the flexilet period.

What happens if I need to move very quickly or at short notice?

Not a problem. We will organise for you to get into the cottage on a holiday booking basis. As soon as we have your references, the agreement back and signed and a copy of the standing order you have sent to your bank, we will transfer the booking into a flexilet and you will be charged the period of residence so far at the appropriate four weekly period rate.