Ash Cottages

Ash is a village on the main route from Canterbury to Sandwich. It has many medieval buildings of great interest both architecturally and historically. St Nicholas Church is 12th Century with a 15th Century tower, the green copper spire can be seen for miles around and has been used as an aid to navigation. The Church contains many notable medieval effigies including a Knight with crossed legs and Jane Kerriel with a unique horseshoe headdress.

The Molland Chapel has a poignant memorial to Sir Thomas Septvans with his wife and seven daughters, 5 of whom died in childhood. Molland House is a handsome building originally built in 1262 and renovated in 1561 by Sir Chrsitopher Septvan and The Chequers Inn inhabits a timber framed building that was originally a traditional Hall House.

In 1890 coal deposits were discovered in Kent and Ash is on the Miner's Way Trail that links up coalfield parishes of East Kent. It is a 27 mile trail that can be cycled or walked and recalls an important era of Kent's industrial history. The last colliery at Betteshanger closed in 1989 and the Ash Railway station was a victim of Dr Beeching's cuts in the 1960s.

In time past Ash had its own brewery and organ factory but today the most successful industries in the area are vineyards . The climate and soil conditions have proved to be ideal for producing good quality wine and there are now many vineyards throughout the area making delicious still and sparkling wines. To help choose a cottage in or near Ash, please call us on 01580 720770.

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