Deal Cottages

Deal is a charming seaside town on the South East coast.  Deal was one of Kent's South East Cinque Ports and in addition to its trading and maritime history the town became notorious for smuggling!  Today the town's colourful past is certainly something which encourages people to visit.  There is still evidence in some of the seafront houses and buildings of hidden nooks and secret passageways which were once used as hideouts by smugglers and to hide contraband from the authorities.

The town is a colourful seaside town with shops, places to eat and drink, and charming seafront.  Fishermen still sell their daily catch from the town which makes for a delicious local delicacy when you are visiting the area.  Sea fishing is a popular past time off the pier, with many people visiting the area to cast their rods and unwind by the sea.

Be sure to visit Deal castle when you are in the area.  Dating back to the sixteenth century this artillery fort is an impressive attraction with its round towers making it look almost like a flower from a birds eye view.  Right on the coastline this defensive building is certainly an impressive example of a Kentish castle.

When staying in the area a day trip to London is certainly not out of the question.  A day of shopping in the city, a theatre trip, or a spot of sightseeing in the capital is in easy reach from the town.  Deal benefits from a regular train service to and from central London.

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