Canterbury Cottages

Canterbury is a magnificent place to visit. Thousands of years of history have left their mark to create an ancient city complete with England's first Cathedral, the ruins of a Norman Castle, medieval walls and the remains of a Roman villa.

There are many narrow, twisting medieval streets surrounding the Cathedral precincts and also wide parades and market squares that contain contemporary shops and restaurants. An enjoyable way to view the City is on a Riverboat Cruise or by punt down the River Stour on whose banks are medieval friaries, timber framed weavers' houses and converted mills.

The delightful mix of ancient and modern architecture forms the background to a vibrant city that has three universities and King's School, reputed to be the oldest school in the country. The remains of St Augustine's Abbey, the diminutive St Martin's Church and the splendid Cathedral are collectively designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The recently redeveloped Beany Institute of Art and Knowledge and the Canterbury Heritage Museum contain a fascinating range of artefacts recalling the events and characters that have shaped the city. There are Roman mosaics, Anglo-Saxon jewels and pilgrims' souvenirs as well as more recent objects belonging to the writer Joseph Conrad, the creator of Rupert the Bear, Mary Tourtel, and examples of Oliver Postgate's childhood favourites, Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog and the Clangers.

The playwright, Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary and rival to Shakespeare, was born in the city and a wonderful new theatre is named after him and keeps the theatrical tradition alive. Everyone who visits one of our Kent cottages should be sure to visit Canterbury during their stay!

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